Monitoring Akka based applications with Cinnamon and DataDog

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Application monitoring is an important part of software development life cycle and aims to check if the application is performing as expected or not. With applications becoming Reactive, having distributed architecture and industry moving towards Fastdata, there is a great urge in the market for tools and integrations that could provide cutting edge monitoring facility for the application deployed in the production.

In this blog we will explore how Lightbend Telemetry could be used to efficiently monitor the performance of Akka based applications running on a single node. Telemetry makes it possible to gather metric, event and trace information from Akka, Scala, and Lagom based applications, I have choosed Akka based application for this blog as Akka provide an efficient and convenient way to implement Reactive and Fastdata application.
Lightbend Monitoring has two essential parts :-

1). Telemetry (Cinnamon) ->

By definition, telemetry means the process of recording and transmitting…

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