Lagom Microservices Framework

What is Lagom? Simply put, it is a microservices tool. Lagom is a microservices framework that guides developers in moving from monolithic to a scalable, resilient microservice based systems. It is a platform delivering you not only the microservice framework but also a whole tool set for developing applications along with creating, managing and monitoring […] […]

Virtual Networking

Virtual networking was a key theme at this week’s OpenStack Summit in Paris. We saw keynotes addressing it, panels with leading Telco experts on it, and dedicated sessions on emerging open standards such as OpenNFV. Telco inherently posses more challenging environments and networking needs, with elaborate inter-connectivity and service chaining, which the Neutron project has […]

Mesos Architecture Part 1

Apache mesos was the project in University of California , Berkeley. In that project team came up with a solution to mange the cluster. Now what is cluster ? This could be the basic question but let me answer you to understand whole picture of Apache mesos. What is Cluster ? When we are talking […] […]

Google’s TPU Architecture

Four years ago, Google started to see the real potential for deploying neural networks to support a large number of new services. During that time it was also clear that, given the existing hardware, if people did voice searches for three minutes per day or dictated to their phone for short periods, Google would have […] […]

REST and long-running jobs — by Victor Farazdagi

This article describes a proper way to handle (asynchronously) a long-running job creation in the RESTful API. Context Consider a situation when you need to create a resource and the operation takes long time to complete. Actually, this scenario is not that uncommon: after all, REST is not about manipulation of a couple database rows […]