Loadrunner: Understanding Transaction Per Second (TPS)

The Performance Engineer

Transaction per second (TPS) is the number of transactions executed per second. In other words, it can be calculated based on how many transactions are executed over certain duration of the test and then calculate it for a second.

For example, if a vuser executes 6 transactions every minute, then the TPS would be 6 transactions/60 sec = 0.10 TPS

There’s an important fact hidden in the above example. It also tells us that if the vuser is able to complete 6 transactions in 60 seconds that means response time for each transaction is 10 sec. i.e.

0.10 transactions –> 1 second

1 transaction –> 10 seconds

Little’s law

Before going into details of formula derived by little’s law, it is important to understand how response time and pacing are related because these are the key factors that control your TPS if the number of vusers are kept constant.


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