Fast Learner Techniques — From Quora

1. Having a good mental model and fitting the concept learned into the model               “Others may appear to be fast learners but they are actually being re-introduced to a concept they already understand”               “appear to be fast learners but have been introduced to the building blocks underlying the new knowledge”            “Those who […]

Microservices With AngularJS, Spring Boot, and Kafka – by DZone

Microservices architecture has become dominant in technology for building scalable web applications that can be hosted on the cloud. Asynchronous end-to-end calls starting from the view layer to the backend is important in a microservices architecture because there is no guarantee that the containers which receive the calls will handle the response. In addition, Websocket gives […]

Volatile Variable by Sayem Ahmed

Posted by: Sayem Ahmed in Core Java November 3rd, 2015 What is a volatile variable? volatile is a keyword in Java. You cannot use this as a variable or method name. Period. Seriously, jokes aside, what is volatile variable? When should we use it? Ha ha, sorry, couldn’t help. We typically use volatile keyword when […]

Python Interview Questions from Intellipaat

Top Answers to Python Interview Questions 1. What is Python? Python is an object oriented and open-source programming language, which supports structured and functional built-in data structures. With a placid and easy-to -understand syntax, Python allows code reuse and modularity of programs. The built-in DS in Python makes it a wonderful option for Rapid Application […]

Guice vs Spring Analogy by JavaCodeGeek Article

Spring objects are recognized based on their names It doesn’t matter whether you use XML or Java config, a Spring scope is roughly like a Map<String, Object> structure. This means that you cannot have two objects with the same name. Why is this a bad thing? If you have a large application with lots of […]

Curious Case of Concurrency

Python Memory Model Reasoning about concurrency in Python is easier than in Java. This is because the memory model is not as surprising to our conventional reasoning about how programs operate. However, this also means that Python code sacrifices significant performance to keep it simpler. Here’s why. In order to maximize Java performance, it’s allowed […]