Simplified Node.js System

The Node.js System When I started learning Node.js, I always wondered, how does it work? How is it inside Node.js? Event loop and Event Queue jargons are digested. But what exactly is going on? Where do those jargons Event Loop and Event Queue come from.To satisfy my curiosity as well to know the answer to […]

Bloom Filter upclose

Bloom Filters is one of those data structures that you don’t generally learn about in a typical data structures 101 class, but wish you had learnt once you know about them. Despite reading several articles on bloom filters I was still finding it hard to grasp the concepts until the last week when I decided […]

Value Type for Java

Introduction A value type is a data type which, generally speaking, is designed for being passed by value in and out of methods, and stored by value in data structures. The only value types which the Java language directly supports are the eight primitive types. Java indirectly and approximately supports value types, if they are […]

Big Data Enterprise Architecture: Overview

Introduction This work attempts to create a framework for making good architectural decisions when faced with data challenges. A systematic way of approaching Big Data complex projects. The document follows an architectural blueprint in order to classify the correct components in the Big Data architecture landscape. We can think in this blueprint as a way […]