Java Multithreading Steeplechase: Stopping Threads

Interesting article on how to interrupt thread gracefully.. Thanks


Let us cut to the chase: In Java, there is no way to quickly and reliably stop a thread.

Java language designers got drunk once and attempted to support forced thread termination by releasing the following methods: `Thread.stop()`, `Thread.suspend()` and `Thread.resume()`. However, when they become sober, they quickly realized their mistake and deprecated them. Abrupt thread termination is not so straight forward. A running thread, often called by many writers as a light-weight process, has its own stack and is the master of its own destiny (well daemons are). It may own files and sockets. It may hold locks. Termination is not always easy: Unpredictable consequences may arise if the thread is in the middle of writing to a file and is killed before it can finish writing. Or what about the monitor locks held by the thread when it is shot in the head?…

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