Java 8 New Features one roundup

Java 8 may be the most anticipated version of Java ever. Originally slated for release in September, Java 8 has been delayed until March of next year, supposedly to buy time to make security fixes aimed mainly at client-side Java (JavaFX/Swing). Since I, like most of you, stopped caring about client-side Java shortly after Duke […]

Reloading Java Classes : Hotswap and JRebel

In this article we’ll review how classes can be reloaded without dynamic classloaders. We will take a look at the JVM HotSwap class reloading support, Instrumentation API and ZeroTurnaround’s JRebel. HotSwap and Instrumentation In 2002, Sun introduced a new experimental technology into the Java 1.4 JVM, called HotSwap. It was incorporated within the Debugger API, […]