Tips for monitoring applications in a Virtual Environment

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Nicholas Gerasimatos - Thoughts on emerging technologies and high performance computing

The focus on applications often gets lost in the shuffle when implementing virtualization which is unfortunate because if you look at any server environment its sole purpose is really to serve applications. No matter what hardware, hypervisor or operating system is used, ultimately it all comes down to being able to run applications that serve a specific function for the users in a server environment. When you think about it, without applications we wouldn’t even have a need for computing hardware, so it’s important to remember, it’s really all about the applications.

So with that I wanted to provide 5 tips for monitoring applications in a virtual environment that will help you ensure that your applications run smoothly once they are virtualized.

Tip 1 – Monitor all the layers

The computing stack consists of several different components all layered on top of each other. At the bottom is the physical hardware…

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