Best Practices for Object Design

5 class design principles [S.O.L.I.D.] in java Classes are the building blocks of your java application. If these blocks are not strong, your building (i.e. application) is going to face the tough time in future. This essentially means that not so well-written can lead to very difficult situations when the application scope goes up or […]

High Availability setup in Linux Server

High Availability As more and more mission-critical applications move on the Internet, providing highly available services becomes increasingly important. One of the advantages of a clustered system is that it has hardware and software redundancy, because the cluster system consists of a number of independent nodes, and each node runs a copy of operating system […]

Architecture Improvement Workshop

Architecture Improvement Workshop The Architecture Improvement Workshop (AIW) is a method for evaluating and improving software architectures relative to quality attribute goals. The SEI can evaluate your architecture using the SEI Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) to expose architectural risks that potentially inhibit the achievement of an organization’s business goals. Then the SEI will work […]